Critique of Vikings Go Wild

As usual, Yggdrasil Gaming has succeeded. With the release of Vikings go Wild slot, the innovative Swedish game producer continues to shower us with high-quality slot games. The plot centers on a group of Norse warriors setting out to confront a terrifying sea creature that resembles a huge octopus, as the title may imply.

The slot’s opening film, which introduces the game’s protagonists and setting (a Viking ship carrying the Yggdrasil, a mythical tree of life), is spectacular and of great production value. We can’t wait to spin the slot machine’s wheel after seeing how magnificent it is. Find out how much you may win at a variety of UK-based casinos, where to play, and how to get your bonus by reading on!

Slot machine Vikings Go Wild includes

The nine symbols in the slot machine game Vikings Go Wild consist of two young male Vikings, an ancient grey-haired Viking, a hot Viking blond, and several coins (gold, silver, bronze, and others). You can win up to 250 times your line bet, or 10 times your commitment, with the highest paying symbol.

Images and sounds from Vikings Go Wild.

The soundtrack in Vikings Go Wild is quite dramatic and fitting to the game’s theme. When the monster figure emerges on screen and is eventually vanquished by the Viking, you will also hear realistic battling noises to accompany the visuals. Fans of “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Game of Thrones” will enjoy the slot’s ambiance very much. The game’s design is dominated by golden and olive tones, lending it an air of mystery and faint menace, and the visual aspects are of exceptionally good quality.

The Bonus in Vikings Go Wild

Although Yggdrasil games are not yet available at many casinos, we anticipate this to change in the near future due to the quality, excitement, and originality of their slot machines. We have looked far and wide to find the finest places online for you to play Vikings go Wild slot, along with the best bonuses and free spins. Just hit the buttons down below to get things moving!

In what areas can I find “Vikings Go Wild”?

Free Spins in the Age of the Vikings

What makes this slot machine so special? Of course, the fantastic No-Risk Spins Bonus Round.

Free spins are triggered by seeing three or more free spin symbols anywhere in the game, and they range from 8 to 24 spins.

Three Free Spin icons trigger eight bonus spins.

When you see four of the Free Spin icons, you’ll activate 16 bonus spins.

Five Free Spin icons trigger twenty-four free games.

During the bonus round, keep an eye out for the Treasure Chest symbol to win an additional 2–4 free games and up to 40 times your initial wager.

Bet range, jackpot, and volatility in Vikings Go Wild

Bets on the Vikings Go Wild slot machine may be as little as 2 pence and as much as £40. With a jackpot multiplied by 250, this slot machine may pay out as much as £12,500. The game has an average return to player of 96.3% and mild volatility.

Our verdict: the Vikings lose their minds.

We anticipate that male casino patrons will be the primary audience for Vikings Go Wild; but, as Viking and Medieval culture become increasingly fashionable, we anticipate that many female players will also enjoy the game’s powerful men battling sea monsters.

It’s a top-notch slot machine with stunning visuals and, of course, a fun bonus round of free spins. We strongly advise you to play this slot, as many people feel that it is the greatest game released by Yggdrasil Gaming to date. Wishing you the best of luck in warding off the monsters.






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