Rich Wilde and the Textbook of Insanity Slots Game Overview

This offering from Play’n GO is not Mr. Wilde’s first excursion. You may recognize him as the protagonist from Book of the Dead, but this game is vastly different from its predecessor. In the first story, there are Egyptian treasures awaiting discovery. What will players encounter this time around?



Our review of the Rich Wilde and the Book of Madness slot machine will detail his most recent mission. Our specialists will assess whether this game should be recommended or avoided. In our evaluation, you can anticipate the following:


Cash Spinning Reels


In effect, these provide partial re-spins.


Casino Mega Wild


The Giant Wild awards players with enormous payouts.


Chips Good, huge jackpot


Up to 2,000 times the wager is available here.


Explore Unique extra features


Effects like Portal, Abyss, and Void aid players.



Innovative new game mechanics

Wide variety of possible wagers

Many types of Wild and Unique Symbols

Outstanding visual and audio effects


Volatility appears to be quite high

Bonus round victories are not necessarily massive.

It takes a lot of luck to win large payments.

Major Characteristics of the Wealthy Wilde and the Book of Crazy Slot


How to Play the Slot Machine Rich Wilde and the Book of Madness

Even if you have never played this game before, you may recognize the gameplay. The absence of paylines is extremely similar to smartphone games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush. Instead, symbol victories are triggered by clusters of identical symbols. This makes it a relatively simple slot machine to learn.


With the majority of online slot machines, you need only three or two matching symbols to win. This game requires a minimum of four winning symbols to complete a combination. As contrast to standard reels, Rich Wilde and the Book of Madness features a 5×5 grid. Another rare mechanism involves the replacement of winning combos by new symbols (which disappear).


Once you have determined the amount you wish to wager per spin, you are ready to play. In this situation, there are no paylines to configure. The objective when pressing Spin is to fill the Portal in the upper-left corner. You will notice that additional Wilds are added along the route to help you achieve your objective.


In that case, say welcome to the Wealthy Wilde and the Book of Madness bonus round, which is not only a free spins round. Various symbols and win amounts activate random Portal Effects until the effect wears off.


Jackpots and Bonuses for Rich Wilde and the Book of Insanity

The rules and paytable of Rich Wilde and the Book of Madness display a variety of Wild and Special symbols. The Wealthy Wilde multiplier Wild is the simplest of all, as it doubles all wins everywhere it appears.


Two Extraordinary Wilds are also in play: the Abyss and the Void. The effect of the Abyss portal removes a row or column, whereas the effect of the Void portal removes all instances of a random symbol. These Exceptional Wilds are introduced to the grid when the Portal is charged with victories.


Just when you thought there was nothing left, the Cthulhu Mega Wild appears. During the aforementioned extra round, when all Eyes are opened, this Wild will advance down the grid. You activate Eyes by scoring a victory atop them. When activated, this bonus will result in a plethora of wins, but it is rather difficult to obtain.


It may be difficult to comprehend the vast quantity of bonus information for this slot machine. Despite this, the function of these bonuses and Wilds becomes readily obvious as the game progresses. It is worthwhile to learn about them because they let you to win up to 2000 times your wager. When playing at Max Bet, this amounts to a whopping 200,000!


Mobile Alternatives for Rich Wilde’s The Book of Madness

The Rich Wilde and the Book of Madness mobile slot game is somewhat irritating. Its 5×5 square format is not optimal for mobile gaming in either landscape or portrait orientation. It is not great on iPhone, Android, or smaller-screened devices; however, the majority of players are accustomed to 5×3 slot games functioning effectively on mobile screens.


Not that the game doesn’t look good on mobile devices. Given its similarity to smartphone games such as Bejeweled, there are functional elements. Nonetheless, we can’t help but think that a 3×7 or 4×6 slot would appear better on a rectangle mobile screen, since such a layout may be a game-changer. We wouldn’t advise you to avoid playing on the move, but you should be mindful that the square gaming area may feel claustrophobic.



The Wealthy Wilde and the Tome of Madness slot by Play’n GO is a quantum jump from Wilde’s initial Book of Dead adventure in that it is a welcome departure from conventional online slots. To some extent, it does not even feel like a slot machine.


Your enjoyment of the game will depend on how you feel about the tumbling reel mechanism. Similar game elements are also utilized in other popular games, such as Gonzo’s Quest. The mobile gameplay is unimpressive, but the massive payouts and high RTP will attract a large number of thrill-seeking jackpot hunters.






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